1. The great violín street playing of Dennis Tolly. Met him at sf bart 16th street


  2. La luna, te amo
    Moon play


  3. Birthday lantern… Wishing for happiness this year!!!


  4. itchybrowngurl:

    intoxication culture is a tool of white supremacy, capitalizing on the inebriation of marginalized bodies. 

    intoxication culture is normalized and expected.

    embrace radical sobriety as a tool of decolonization, as a form of identity reclamation, and culture regeneration.

    (a reminder for why I am doing this)


  5. Forest babies healing from city chaos… Full of peace and love


  6. limpia curanderos healing ceremony ritual www.hispanicherbs.com


  7. Lantern lighting earth day <3


  8. poesiamariarte:

    Soul Transparency

    How does the fabric of one’s existence come to experience a fraction, an illusion of reality and time, within this dimension, a vast universe…but not all questions have answers and logically time doesn’t exist….so why ask these questions? Asks (a) Scholar…



  9. Part 2/2 Dustin Thomas cover song rise up


  10. Cover song to rise up by Dustin Thomas from medicine for the people. Song part 1/2


  11. Forest hike nature escape


  12. Drive back from forest, sunset



  14. Oakland and hitching on the coast 2013


  15. ill always love you oakland, and appreciate what you taught me <3

    ill be back