1. Birthday lantern… Wishing for happiness this year!!!


  2. itchybrowngurl:

    intoxication culture is a tool of white supremacy, capitalizing on the inebriation of marginalized bodies. 

    intoxication culture is normalized and expected.

    embrace radical sobriety as a tool of decolonization, as a form of identity reclamation, and culture regeneration.

    (a reminder for why I am doing this)


  3. Forest babies healing from city chaos… Full of peace and love


  4. limpia curanderos healing ceremony ritual www.hispanicherbs.com


  5. Lantern lighting earth day <3


  6. poesiamariarte:

    Soul Transparency

    How does the fabric of one’s existence come to experience a fraction, an illusion of reality and time, within this dimension, a vast universe…but not all questions have answers and logically time doesn’t exist….so why ask these questions? Asks (a) Scholar…



  7. Part 2/2 Dustin Thomas cover song rise up


  8. Cover song to rise up by Dustin Thomas from medicine for the people. Song part 1/2


  9. Forest hike nature escape


  10. Drive back from forest, sunset



  12. Oakland and hitching on the coast 2013


  13. ill always love you oakland, and appreciate what you taught me <3

    ill be back


  14. Navajo reservation wildness hitchhiking


  15. Navajo Reservation sheep herding